Woman Healed by a Ghost

There is a woman named Diane Berthelot’s from Norfolk who suffered for several months from a severe infection and the removal of her gall bladder. One day, Diane and her husband went in the Worstead village church in Norfolk. Diane sat down on a bench while praying for her petition for her full recovery so she can get back to her normal life. Unexpectedly, she felt a warm yet very comfortable sensation on her skin and body but she didn’t mind that feeling, so she continued her deep prayer to God.

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Dinosaur Tracks Found in Alaska’s Yukon River

It may be remarkable or unbelievable to hear that even in our modern time there are still surprising news that we don’t expect. And of those extraordinary news is about the tracks of Dinosaur that was discovered by the Scientists and Research Team.

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Asteroid Threat to Our Planet Earth

The Science team that consists of famous scientists and astronauts were gathered to discuss the possible asteroid attacks on Earth. They shared their different thoughts and helpful ideas on how to prevent and protect our precious planet from those Asteroids or minor planets that can cause severe problems and mass distractions in our beautiful environment or world.

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Unexplained Mysteries

Do you know that there is a new invention of microwave gadget where you can put your favorite drinks to make it cold in just a matter of 45 seconds.

There are so many unpleasant and horrible ghost stories and paranormal activities that can be heard from a lot of people living near the haunted mansion house.

Our modern scientists discovered new useful information from their thorough and careful studies on how to revive the life of a certain person when his/ her heartbeat stops to beat and when the doctor announced that his/her patient is already dead.

Featured Mystery

Ghost Hunting Team Hired by a Health Employee in Montana

Generic-Ghosts-25886388_74899_ver1.0_320_240One of the government employees in Montana strongly believes that the “Not Like Ours” had trespasses and interrupted her office. This is the main reason why the frightened employee decided to call and hire a ghost hunting team so they can investigate the real motives of these spirits or ghosts and also to stop them from harming other people in her respective workplace.

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