Most Aged Creature Caught by the Scientists

Most Aged Creature Caught by the Scientists
A group of scientists from Bangor University conducted their investigation and experiment that can complete their objective and research so they can determine the age of Mollusc shells. Mollusc shells have different types of shell such as clams, shells, snail, tusk shells and many more.

In their investigation they manage to catch Clams that can be used in their experiment in order to identify the years of existence of its creature or Mollusc shells. One of the procedures that can identify the real age of Mullusc shells or Clam is through opening the clam so that they can count its ring which is located inside of the shell. They need to do this procedure so that they can get the accurate years or age of this living creature or Clam.

Those clams or quahog clams are from the islands of Iceland and it was first discovered in the year 2006 and during that time the quahog clams was guessed at 405 years old living in the in the coast. But, in the recent studies they claimed that those clams are 507 years old. In short, these creatures in the seashores are considered as the most aged creature in the world of living animals. The inconsistency in the result of their investigation lies in the ways of counting the ring of quahog clams.

When the people of Iceland heard about the real age of the quahog clams, many of them get disappointed and saddened when the Mollusc clam or quahog clam was killed by the researchers. The researchers also showed regrets, they said that they are not aware it was that old when they conducted their experiment and it’s too late to stop their investigation.

For now, the oldest creature or animal in different areas of the world is none other than the Mullusc Clam or Quahog clam.

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