Ancient Cave Drawings of Animals Found In Brazil

Ancient Cave Drawings of Animals Found In Brazil

A group of wildlife researchers have discovered several types of Ancient cave drawings of different types of species or animals such as reptiles, birds and Armaldillos. They only went in the plateau of Cerrado so that they can locate or track the pig-like animal or better known as pecarries. But, when they arrived in the plateau of Cerrado, they did’nt expect to discover the unexpected Ancient drawings in one of the cave sites of Cerrado in Brazil.

The group of the researchers was all surprised because they didn’t expect to find several ancient cave drawings in the plateau of Cerrado. According to the experts or Archaeologists, the traces or images in the said drawing were created by the huntsmen long time ago.

These ancient cave drawings symbolized and influenced the people of Brazil especially in Cerrado to protect the highlands as well as the Pantanal ecosystem in order to preserve their culture and legacy so that the future people in Brazil can still witness the beautiful land forms, cave sites and forests.

Some of the Archaeologists believed that those ancient drawings were created by the huntsmen long time ago. But whether this is true or not, they still need to show more evidence to support their theories about these old-aged or ancient cave drawings.

The director of WCS Latin America, Julie Kunes wants to encourage the local landowners to participate in their goal which is to protect and conserve the natural resources and natural views in Cerrado. Through this wonderful project, they can surely maximize the essence of the natural inheritance from the Cerrado’s plateau.

These wonderful discoveries can be considered as the greatest achievement of the wildlife researchers because they contributed positive effects to the wonderful places and natural resources of Cerrado.

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