Asteroid Threat to Our Planet Earth

The Science team that consists of famous scientists and astronauts were gathered to discuss the possible asteroid attacks on Earth. They shared their different thoughts and helpful ideas on how to prevent and protect our precious planet from those Asteroids or minor planets that can cause severe problems and mass distractions in our beautiful environment or world.

According to these outstanding scientists, they found out from their detection method that there are more or less 1 million asteroids that have entered in our local areas that can produce harmful effects in the lives of many people as well as to our planet Earth.

Edward Lu (former astronaut) said that our current methods detection is not really accurate. He said that there are 100 times more asteroids that cannot be detected by our own detection equipment. He also encouraged our active scientists to create an effective solution to find those harmful asteroids as soon as possible to be able to stop any unwanted problems in the coming future. This is one of the reasons why they reunited and combined their plans and strategies so they can stop asteroid attacks.

B612 foundation is one of the special groups organized by Edward Lu. Their goal is to detect and uncover aggressive and dangerous asteroids. They are currently concentrating in their latest yet very important project or equipment where they can use it to detect deadly asteroids. This special equipment is called Sentinel. Sentinel is an infrared space telescope and it is expected to be launched in the year of 2018. Once they finished this project, the security and protection of our planet can be increased.

Their awareness and interests in making this project can really control unwanted explosion of Asteroid in different parts of the Globe. We are all lucky to have these people that have the ability to defend and to stop unwanted occurrence of Asteroid in different parts of our Globe.

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