Fatima and Marian Apparitions

Fatima and Marian ApparitionsClick Image To Visit SiteWARNING: Make sure you download the report today but remember some of the content in this report is of a sensitive nature and may not be suitable for all audiences so please be careful with whom you share this with.

This 15 minute video introduction to our 4 part report highlights a dangerous phenomena being reported around the globe.

These events are seldom covered by the media, and there are few movies dealing with these unique experiences. Yet, these paranormal wonders have captured the attention of tens of millions of people worldwide.

Saul and the Witch of Endor: The Controversy! There is a story in the Bible where a particular King of Israel called Saul had strayed in his relationship with God. As a result of constantly rebelling against the will of God he started to experience things going wrong in terms of his grip on the Kingdom he ruled. During his rule he had also despised Samuel, a prophet that was there to be the mouthpiece of God and provide spiritual advice and counsel to the King. But with Samuel now deceased and Saul’s troops surrounded by an enemy that was much bigger and powerful, Saul recognized that his reign as King was in serious jeopardy. Saul had experienced the might of Gods power previously so he knew that God existed and the ability for Israel to overcome was possibly, however God would not speak to him and there was no Samuel to advise him of what God recommended.

The story moves on in that Saul then decided to consult a witch (medium) that he hoped would be able to bring back the spirit of Samuel so that at least he could ask Samuel for his counsel. The Witch through her chanting and occult rituals was able to summon a spirit from the dead. The Spirit told Saul that he and his three sons would be slain the following day. The following day Saul’s sons were killed in battle and in despair Saul committed suicide.

Call a bible study at your house and throw open the question of whether the Spirit was really Samuel and you will have a heated debate for hours on end. Even though I Samuel 28:12 and 14 seem to confirm that the spirit was indeed Samuel this presents a paradox to some who feel that this could not have been Samuel but a demonic spirit. How could someone who is now deceased actually come back from the dead. There are many bible passages which seem to indicate that when someone dies there is no coming back in this life. But then there is nothing in this passage which indicates that the spirit was a lying spirit or a demon. In fact the Bible casually refers to the spirit as Samuel several times.

The uncomfortable nature of this interpretation is that it then puts into question the nature of whether people who have died can actually come back from the dead as roaming spirits… Read more…

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