Ghost Hunting Team Hired by a Health Employee in Montana

One of the government employees in Montana strongly believes that the “Not Like Ours” had trespasses and interrupted her office. This is the main reason why the frightened employee decided to call and hire a ghost hunting team so they can investigate the real motives of these spirits or ghosts and also to stop them from harming other people in her respective workplace.

The Butte Paranormal Investigative Team came in the office of the scared woman to start their investigation by setting up their infrared cameras in different parts of the office so they can record and examine all the energy movements of the unwanted ghost/s in the division of health department.

Unluckily, one of the employees of health department saw the hidden camera in the said department and hurriedly called up the police to report about the incident. Because of this, the Paranormal Investigative Team ended their investigation and activity. But, regardless of the suspension of their paranormal activity, they still got important details and evidences on their investigation such as unfamiliar and unusual noises in the certain area of the office.

Sometime later, they found out that the office building was built up on the location of a certain house where an old woman spent her 80 years of her life. Some says, maybe the spirit of the old woman still lives in a certain location and interfering the particular area where the current health department office is located. And this can be the big reason why the health department office was haunted or visited by the spirit or “Not Like Ours”.

According to the Paranormal Investigative Team, they have gained the trust of many people especially those who hired their services because they always see to it that they can do the right procedure on how to catch and stop different types of ghosts in their client’s vicinity.

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