Gigantic Cats found in British Islands

Gigantic Cats found in British Islands

The existence and population of gigantic cats in the islands of British is now increasing according to some people who have seen this unusual size of cats. This issue has not yet recognized by the mainland of UK because of weak evidences. Maybe it is because the people from the mainland don’t easily believe in something especially if the news came from the rural places and unreliable sources.

However, there is still expert person that shows huge interest about this weird story. This professional and expert person is one of the senior instructors in Royal Agriculture University in Cirencester. His name is Dr. Andrew Hemmings, he organized and managed his own investigation about the existence of unbelievable size of cats regardless of unsubstantiated information or hearsay in rural areas.

He invested 12 months of his time by conducting experiments on the remains of wild animals in the areas of different islands where the gigantic and harmful cats are usually seen. His goal is to reveal the truth about this unusual story in rural areas.

Through the help of the concern citizens such as farmers, landowners, and other volunteers, Dr. Andrew Hemmings collected several types of remaining parts of wild life animals that can be used for his investigation. He needs to do this experiment in order to identify if those wild life animals have been killed by the voracious gigantic cats.

Some of the animals had a sign of strange bite marks on them and has the possibility that it came from the huge cats. The result of the investigation and experiments is not yet final. According to the experts, it still needs further and thorough investigation so that the evidences are strong enough before spreading the real truth or result about the gigantic cats in British Islands.

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