Memorize Bible Scripture – making it very easy to remember Bible

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The gift of the Lord’s word was designed to serve us when we need it the most. Having the ability to recite that word when we need it in our lives should be the goal of every Christian.

How valuable is your time? Do you want to repeat and review scripture fifty times to memorize it? Or would you prefer to listen to a customized memory audio™ just once?

Repetition and rote learning are painfully slow. So we learnt and tested every memory technique you can think of ‘major system’, ‘peg system’, ‘mnemonics’, ‘memory palace’ , songs, rhymes, poems, flash cards, software, the list goes on and on.

Nothing excited us more than adapting these and creating the quickest way to commit Bible verses to memory. We tested our method on a sample of people – Christians and non-Christians. We were blown away by the results.

Not only did they commit Bible verses to memory after listening to a customized audio just once, they were able to recall a particular verse one day, one week and even one month later – without any further study!

Memory audios are designed to work in the same way your memory does, making it the simplest and easiest method to use. And we’ve done all the work for you, meaning you start memorizing as soon as you hit play.

We use expert memory techniques to convert any word into an image, and then link those images together using a story.

The Lord gave us the biggest clue about how to memorize His word when the Bible was first created. Using stories as the foundation to commit verse to memory is part of the secret.

When you visualize the story in a good book or when you watch a movie, you remember it without even trying. That’s how powerful visualizing a story can be, and that’s how easy memory audios make it to memorize scripture.

Study typically involves sitting at a desk with a book, and as few distractions as possible. You need to fit your daily schedule around your study. It’s inflexible.

Because memory audios download to your iPhone, iPod or any other MP3 player, you’ll be able to listen to your audio on the bus, in the park, or lying in bed. There’s no need for flashcards or even a pen and paper.

We want everyone to use expert memory techniques in the easiest format possible. Whether you’re 8 years old or 80 years old, you’ll be able to memorize scripture whenever or wherever you like.

You can literally memorize Bible verses with your eyes closed. What could be more convenient than that?

Expert memory techniques or ‘mnemonics’ are based on mental imagery. You visualize what you need to remember. We didn’t invent these methods; they’ve been used since Ancient Greece and proven by 50 years of scientific research. Memory Audios™ simply use these… Read more…

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