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Mental Hypnosis - Learn Covert InfluenceClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Joseph Mander and I’m about to show you some of the most powerful hypnosis techniques known to man. So make sure you pay close attention.

I worked in a high profile computer company selling advanced software to powerful, hard-nosed business executives. So, I remember one time I met a prospect to discuss a multi-million dollar deal.

He was aloof and arrogant and didn’t want to listen to me. And he was rude. He thought he was better than everybody because he was so “important”. Anyway, I got stuck with him because everyone else in my company had refused to work with the guy.

Just thinking about dealing with this client made me nervous and apprehensive, but I decided to put what I’d learned to the test.

I ran a quick “self-hypnosis” confidence pattern on myself (you’ll see how to do this in the course) and approached the prospect with more confidence than I’ve ever had. It’s amazing how simple this is to do and how well it works to increase your confidence. Your life will literally be transformed by this technique alone.

So I sat down with this guy and immediately started watching his eyes and body movements. After running the “Match and Mirror Operation” on him, (again, you will learn how to do this in the course) he started to open up to me. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get people to like you even on first impression!

I used the NLP Techniques I learned to hypnotize him during “normal conversation” and make him believe it was fundamentally wrong to disagree with me.

This was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. The guy folded like a paper napkin. I had this “Mr. Big” in the palm of my hands.

I seriously think if I would have wanted him to dance like a chicken, he would have done it just to gain my approval. Hands down, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

He had absolutely NO control over the situation and needless to say, I got the deal (the guys at the office went absolutely nuts!).

If you use this information properly, you can easily see improvements in your finances IMMEDIATELY. Heck, you can see changes in any part of your life you want to change.

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