A Microwave That Can Chill Wine Bottles and Carbonated Can Drinks

When we think about microwave the first thing that pops in our mind is an electrical kitchen appliance or gadget that heats our frozen foods. We also use the microwave oven to reheat cooked foods or left over foods. But, do you know that there is a new invention of microwave gadget where you can put your favorite drinks to make it cold in just a matter of 45 seconds. Amazing isn’t it?

This amazing microwave or better known as the “Reverse Microwave” has the ability to chill all kinds of drinks without any changes in taste and smell. Another good thing about the Reverse Microwave is that it is an environment friendly. You can ensure the safety of your drinks as well as your surrounding because this equipment is 100% user friendly.

The Reverse Microwave was invented by V-Tex Technology. Their goal is to make more convenient way to chill our drinks and at the same time it can save the consumption of energy up to 80%. So everytime you use this gadget to chill your soft drink or any kinds of drinks, you already know your two major advantages.

This wonderful and amazing Reverse Microwave is very useful to all houses and commercial spaces. The procedures or instructions of this equipment are very easy to follow. Your bottled or canned drinks will be rotated at appropriate speed around twin axes of water to keep the shape of the container while chilling your drinks. You don’t need to prepare or get iced cubes in your own refrigerator to put or mix in your drinks. With the help of Reverse Microwave, you can always enjoy your favorite drink at any time of the day.

Thanks to the new invention of V-Tex Technology. Now, you can add this awesome kitchen gadget in your own kitchen or even in your private room or office.

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