Mode of Living

Mode of LivingClick Image To Visit SiteThings don’t just happen. Your life is relative to your envisioned reality and state of existence. Conditioning of the mind happened consciously and unconsciously due to the circumstances that formed your life. Would you like to know the strategy of how to raise your potential and hack your energy to achieve the successes you programmed yourself to fail.

The Flame: Mode of Living is collated pansophy The Carriers have accumulated since the age of old Mighty Men. The age described as the antediluvian era to theological scholars. Those Mighty Men, knew the Ways of Old. Granting liberation from the restraints of resource, disease*, and servitude to the animal instincts of the Human vessel. The Flame, permits a user to harness the potential of the universe, DNA, and consciousness.

The Flame acknowledges truth, and is a collection of axioms. Like fire The Flame is never satisfied – it can always be added on to increase the heat it produces. For too long The Carriers have veiled knowledge behind allegory and fiction in the notion that only they are worthy of benefit. We can all be Carriers regardless of status and birthright; the elitism of knowledge is a crime amongst the most severe.

“We should have been taught Mode of Living in School! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. You will be in my prayers for ever. ”

“I could have spent thousands of hours reading and never accumulated such a cache of knowledge. I want more!”

“For most of my life I had either physical of mental health issues, and things never turned out how I wanted. Then I came across Mode of Living. Unlike other well know books claiming to reveal ancient knowledge this gave the Ladder of Goals system that changed my life. Thanks”

“Mode of living helped me understand how each choice and thought i made profoundly influenced my life, and showed me how to select the life i am now so happily living! ”

“I am what many conventional people call a ‘hippy,’ and i’m into alternative subjects. Mode of living was so much more than a esoteric or metaphysics book. Your connections between subjects is the substance that can make a real change in the world. May this info reach the eyes of every sentient out there, (E.T.’s included, lol). I leave you in the love and the light xxx ”

“Maaaaan, i’m like some ghetto, criminal minded, bad guy. You have saved my soul. I’m not gonna let the game take hold of me anymore. No way. I’m going to put my mind, body, and magnetic field to use in creating the reality I deserve. ”

“Is it wrong that I don’t want other people to read this. I know thats selfish, and not in line with the mode. I guess I still have a lot of Work to do.”

“I am well educated in science and teach high school level physics; your theories blew my mind. It’s hard to disagree with sound logic.”

“Is this legal ? Im… Read more…

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