The Next Largest World’s Statue Will Be Constructed in India

The Next Largest World’s Statue Will Be Constructed in India

The construction of the next world’s largest statue is expected to be finished in three and a half years. And the estimated cost of this “Statue of Unity” is almost a billion dollars. Many Indian people criticized their government officials because they’re not in favor of the huge amount of money for the construction of Behemoth or also known as the “Statue of Unity” to honor their first deputy prime minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

The measurement of this statue is 597ft. This may be the main reason why it will cost a large amount of money. According to the news, the main goal of the government officials of India is to promote tourism in their country in order to attract many people from different countries so that their economy will increase. The current world’s largest statue in China which is already known as the “Spring Temple of Buddha” is expected to be replaced by the “Statue of Unity” once the construction has been completed.

However, the opinion of the ordinary people in India is that the priorities of their own government are not for them. It is because there are lots of Indian people that can be categorized or considered in the group of extreme poverty. For them, the government should focus first in the needs of their own countrymen before they decide to spend billions of money for the said statue just to honor their first deputy prime minister and to beautify the country’s image in different parts of the world.

This only means that the officials and ordinary people of India are not sharing the same opinion for the goodness of their own country. So whether this is a good decision or just a big mistake, it will surely reflect in the coming future.

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