An Old Mansion Haunted by Ghost

 An old mansion house which is located at the Chaonei No. 81 in the city of Beijing still look very elegant and expensive sanctuary despite of the years have passed away. However, the potential buyers always lost their interest in buying the vintage mansion no matter how exquisite it is.
According to rumors, the old mansion’s reputation is not very pleasant to hear. It is because in the year of 1949, there was a woman who lived in the said mansion who suffered from severe depression when her high-ranking official husband abandoned her in the mansion.
Since the bad incident happened, there are so many unpleasant and horrible ghost stories and paranormal activities that can be heard from a lot of people that lives near the haunted mansion house. This can be one of the reasons why all potential buyers of the old mansion back out their plans in the last minute.
Li Yongjie is one of the residents who lived near the haunted mansion. He said that at the time of his childhood in 1970’s, he and his childhood friends used to play hide and seek in that beautiful yet scary house. He also recalled the time that even the Red Guards of the house also got afraid and decided to leave the house during the Cultural Transformation.
The bad reputation of the house decreases the value and interests of potential buyers. Many people believed that the inner and outer appearance of the old mansion is not enough to convince every possible buyer to buy the antique house. The old mansion on this article is one of the best examples of haunted houses that can make any potential buyers to change their minds or to think twice if they will continue to invest their money so they can own the home or to back out and look for another house.
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