The Remains of Pharaoh Sobektohep I Discovered

Sobektohep I was the 13th Dynasty King or Pharaoh during the ancient times. His remains considered as 3,800 years old and it was discovered by the team of US and Egyptian archaeologists in Abydos which is located in the upper part of Egypt. It took them a year before they finally identified the owner of the remains. It is because they need to be sure about the identity of the real owner of the remains so they can announce and give right information to the public.

The experts combined their knowledge and abilities to be able to uncover the identification of the Pharaoh. They also seek the expertise of Mohamed Ibrahim the Minister of Antiquities to help them to validate the casket if it is belongs to Sobektohep I, that considered as one of the respected and great kings in Egypt. Luckily, Mohamed Ibrahim confirmed that the owner of the remaining part from the royal tomb is none other than Pharaoh Sobektohep I.

They also found out that Pharaoh Sobektohep I was the son of Pharaoh Amenemhat IV, the penultimate Pharaoh of 12th dynasty. The old things or antiques that was found in the casket such as canopic jars and beautiful gold objects also plays important role to reveal the identity of the Pharaoh.

This priceless discovery from the ancient times is undeniably one of the greatest achievements for the people who have been participated or invested their time about this matter. It is because they harvested positive outcome on this project. Accomplishing this amazing goal is indeed a priceless achievement and experience on their part. This can inspire them more to continue their craft that can bring them closer to the ancient times.

Through their thorough research they help the people of Egypt to rediscover and reminisce the past of their leader or ruler in their precious country. This can also make them remember and realize especially the young ones that Pharaohs or Kings really existed in this world particularly in their country or Egypt.



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