Scientists Compete for Making the Best Invisibility Cloak

Scientists Compete for Making the Best Invisibility Cloak

Today, our modern scientists are focusing on one of their biggest yet very challenging projects such as to create an invisibility cloaks, just like in the fantasy and adventure movie of Harry Potter. Unfortunately, they hasn’t succeeded yet in making the perfect invisibility cloak that looks like in the movie of Harry Potter or cloaking device in the movie of Star Trek. But regardless of their failure, they still invest their time and effort to be able to reach their one goal which is to create the best invisibility cloak in our generation. There is also news that two Canadian scientists have been managed to create a very thin invisibility cloak that which is very flexible to any sizes of objects.

This project is very important to these very persistent scientists because every one of them is aiming to be the first one who can successfully create and finish this very difficult goal. So they are doing everything using the advance technology like electric magnetic or magnetic material that can be used for deceiving the eyes of many people so that they can’t see or identify the objects.

This electromagnetic experiment or invisibility cloaking has been conducted by Professor Eleftheriades s and Mr. Selvanayagam through surrounding a particular item with small antennas that can completely scatter or spread an electromagnetic field.

With their new ways of experiments and strategies they found out that the electromagnetic field is very useful when it comes to cloaking or invisibility of different types of objects. For them, this scientific approach is very efficient and realistic in their scientific activity.
They already concluded that using electromagnetic method and other necessary materials like antenna are quite effective to temporarily cover any gadgets to be able to deceive the human eyes.

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