The Theory on Dinosaur’s Intense Size

The Theory on Dinosaur’s Intense Size

In our modern time, there are still so many scientists who are very curious about the hypothesis of dinosaurs. They want to figure out the answer why dinosaurs evolved in a very huge size compared to the land-based animals.
Through their massive studies and research they discovered that the Sauropoda dinosaurs had a very small heads, long necks, long tail, thick pillar-like legs and 30 tons heavier than the land-based mammals. They concluded that one of the causes of the Dinosaurs intense sizes lies in the bone structures because it contributes or associated in their built or size.

To support their assumption, they collected different types of skeletal bones or remains of dinosaurs, land-based animals, and also their modern descendants so that they can complete their research that can lead them to the best answer on their greatest curiosity about the dinosaur.

They also discovered that the bone structures of the mammals are rounded shape at the ends while the cartilage is thinly extended in both sides of the joint. When they compared it to the bones of the dinosaurs it’s undeniably different. It is because the bone structures of the dinosaurs are wider and flatter at the ends while the cartilage has so many layers.

The answers in their questions regarding the intense sizes of dinosaurs finally revealed. They learned that the bones structure and shape makes a big impact in the measurement and weight of a dinosaur. With their research and discoveries they found out the main answer about the hypothesis of the dinosaur as well as the land-based largest animals.

Through the help of these scientists, the ordinary people can gain important and useful information about the hypothesis of the dinosaurs. This information is very important because those scientists invest their time to this matter so that they can also share the result to every person in the world.

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