Woman Healed by a Ghost

There is a woman named Diane Berthelot’s from Norfolk who suffered for several months from a severe infection and the removal of her gall bladder. One day, Diane and her husband went in the Worstead village church in Norfolk.

Diane sat down on a bench while praying for her petition for her full recovery so she can get back to her normal life. Unexpectedly, she felt a warm yet very comfortable sensation on her skin and body but she didn’t mind that feeling, so she continued her deep prayer to God.

At that time, Diane’s husband took pictures around the church. He also took a photograph of Diane during her prayer on one of the benches of the said church. When they got the copies of their pictures and played or reviewed on their projector screen, they were so shocked when they saw the white image or shape of a woman who was sitting behind her.
The husband of Diane still remember the time when he was taking photos inside the church, it’s still fresh in his mind that only Diane sat down on that bench. They decided to go back in the church to get information about what they saw in a particular picture.

They met and talked to one of the priests of the church, they found out that the white image that they saw in the picture was the Legend of a Healer who would secretly appear to help the ill person or people. According to the priest, the White Lady began to touch the lives of many people in the year of 1830 and until now she still helping the sick people.
Whether this is true or not, it is still up to you if you if you want to believe the unexplained mystery or unbelievable story of Diane.

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