World’s Reptiles Threatened by Massive Extinction

World’s Reptiles Threatened by Massive Extinction

The global warming or the changes of weather as well as human population in different parts of the world can be considered as the major causes of the possible near extinction of our world’s Reptiles. According to the experts from the Zoological Society in London, the groups of reptiles or different types of reptiles are exposed from the unwanted changes in our planet Earth that can diminish and abolish their lives or existence in the world.

Our experts are now looking for the best strategies and methods in order to preserve and save the lives of our endangered reptiles. The presence of our World’s reptiles in our forests is very necessary. It is because these reptiles are very important in our ecosystem.

This is the reason why as early as now, the experts in Zoological society are very focus in this issue because they know the importance of Reptiles in all countries. This task is quite difficult to solve because they can’t control the fast changes in our environment especially the unstoppable inhabitants from different places and countries.
If ever our endangered reptiles will be totally gone in the coming future, there will be a big changes in our environment most especially in our natural resources and natural food web. This is very alarming and a sad truth in our jungle and planet Earth.

Our Scientists are giving us this very important information in order to aware us about the possible extinction of our world’s reptiles and at the same time to open our minds on how important to maintain the presence of reptiles in our world.

With this awareness we can still make positive and effective ways that can save our world’s reptiles so that we can preserve our wonderful environment or planet Earth.

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